CLAIM: This is the discussion where you have an underlined main point.

We close the class with the topic of negotiation; that is where representatives of a group of employees works with representatives of the employer to hammer out the rules of employment that the two sides with live with.  These rules are the stuff of “labor relations.”  There are many outcomes or goals the two sides are working to achieve, and many of these are not goals that both sides hope to achieve; therein lies some of the difficulty.  On the other hand, they might well be on the same wavelength when it comes to process, relational, and/or emotional goals.  The question for the essays and discussion is: “How does the choice of goals, goal types, and/or the extent of goals affect strategies, actions, and tactics in negotiation?”  Try to see if you can draw on your personal experience, the PRIME scheme, and the notes on negotiation as you complete the essay.  Make sure, also, you use the three citations from the text as well as an outside source.


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