New Shoes Advertising

You will be creating a full page ad for your New Shoes company. Follow the guidelines below to ensure that the ad is competed in its entirety

Ensure that your ad addresses the following:

What are the features and benefits for the consumer?
Why will this product make the customers life better?
Will you include an image of the product?  Keeping in mind that the ad is used to create or feed a desire for your shoes.
Less is more.
Dont share everything, give the consumers a reason to come and see your shoes in person.
A full page ad is  8.25 in. x 10.75 in.
Your completed ad must be saved in electronic format (.jpg or .png). You can use any graphics program to design the ad. Please upload  your full page Ad to the grading area and not the simulation.
Ensure use of the assignment rubric.
Assignment Objectives
Understand the process to create a full page advertisement for an organization.

Please review the following source  to assist you with converting a Word file to an Image.


Halted, S. (2019). How to Convert Word Documents Into Images. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)


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