ngo human rights

International Law and Regimes Final Project

This multimedia presentation will satisfy CO: 3 Apply international legal norms within the context of international relations

For this project you will choose an international human rights NGO and a human rights issue. You will then create a video in which you simulate testifying in front of the UN Human Rights Commission. As we have discussed actors such as NGOs, epistemic communities, and government representatives must work to apply legal norms within the context of current world politics. The videos give you a good example of this. If you would like to have someone else assist you by playing the role of the UN member or members and interrupting you, that is fine. However, that is certainly not required.

Your video presentation should be five minutes in length, demonstrate an understanding of the human rights issue, an awareness of the difficulty of applying international norms to the case, and an ability to communicate it effectively. Please click on the Media Gallery link on the left for access to Kaltura which will allow you to upload videos into the classroom. You can take the video with the webcam function in Kaltura or using your cell phone.

If you wish to address something other than human rights, you may make a proposal to the professor. However, you will need to already have in mind the issue and the appropriate commission or committee. Your professor will not provide this information for you.

Here are a few examples of NGO reps trying to testify:


Please just include a script and I will complete the video.


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