one page summary of quot deepening knowledge quot

Hopefully, you have all tried the Double-Entry Journal technique of taking notes from your sources and writing in the middle. It is found on pages 126-131 if you want to read it again. Please, try it because it is one of the most useful ways of taking notes. None of these writings will go to waste. You will find a place for them in your research essay. As you take notes from your sources on one side of the page or journal, you will “talk back” on the other side. This writing will encourage new thoughts and writings and you will be an “activist notetaker.”

Write and submit a one page summary, covering your “deepening knowledge” of your topic. What have you discovered so far? It needs to be typed, double spaced, and well organized.This will help kickstart you into the writing process. You will find a place to use it in your final paper.

Attached to this is the annotated bibliography with the subject, as well as pages 126-131 of The Curious Researcher that demostrates the technique and what’s expected from this assignment. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions or concerns.


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