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It must be 4 pages and must have 3-4 sources. I will write a little about what I was looking for below:
I wanted to write about overweight America and politics.
This is just a synopsis of what I got from a documentary called Fed Up. I believe the documentary presents some really good political issues within overweight America. Obviously this is something you must do research to do. Though the documentary is great and I highly recommend it, but I don’t expect anyone to go spend the time to watch it. There is plenty of information out there and a lot on this documentary. I really do like what is focuses on and there is a lot more to it than what I provide..so do the research.
Im not sure if you have watched Fed Up but basically it argues that the United States has politically set us up for failure. It focuses on the misconception that if you balance the amount of calories in and out that we will not gain weight and we will be healthy.
All of the proposals politically have fed us this misconception
Further, they get into how when Michelle Obama started the get fit program she partnered with food companies that were doing harm to america (kelloggs, pepsi, coke, and many others that I cannot think of off of the top of my head). And instead of taking the harmful junk away they decided to essentially replace them with “healthier” products which may have been fat free but instead loaded with sugar which was no better
they get into how sugar has now become the cigarette.. they believe in order for this trend to end they need to put away with it how they did cigarettes. putting the warning label on packaging…
it also talks about how at the rate we are in two decades 95% of american will be overweight, in the year 2050 1/3 american will have diabetes and it mentions like for the work force of the future where will the military, cops, fireman, etc. come from if we have a generation that is so psychically unfit.


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