paper on ethics moral code

Examine a system of ethics or a moral code that you are quite familiar with (e.g., your religion’s code of ethics, your family’s code of ethics, or your desired profession’s code of ethics).

  • Describe the extent to which any or all of the five basic principles described in this chapter are found in that system or code.
  • What other principles are found there?
  • Is the addition of these principles an improvement over humanitarian ethics? Explain.

Write this paper as if you were writing in your own journal. It is a reflection on how you live your life now. Write in a scholarly voice using the textbook as your guide. In-paragraph citations and references are required.

In two paragraphs or more, create your journal assignment by answering the questions in a scholarly manner using the textbook and/or outside resources.

For additional details, please refer to the Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document.


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