personnel release

News Release


Assume that your organization has hired a new person for a leadership position. Prepare a release that announces this to the public.

As a possible addition to your media kit and/or portfolio, prepare a news release announcing a personnel appointment/hiring for the company you are representing. The person can be (and should be) fictitious.

The person may be a leader or a person whose interaction with the company will have some significance, such as a theatrical talent, performer, special contributor, etc.

Be sure to include the person’s background, credentials, significant achievements, and such so that the announcement is newsworthy. A quote from an important person should also be included as part of the third graph. Finally keep in mind that numerous news audiences may be interested in this announcement: those local to the company, those relevant in the industry, and the local affiliations of the person you are announcing.

Review the sample of the personnel release loaded into the shard files (News Release – Personnel sample) for specific guidance including the tone and type of content to include and prepare a release that is appropriate.


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