persuasive essay on cash bond system in the us being abolished

Attached is my rough draft, please complete final draft. This essay is a persuasive essay about how the cash bond system in the US is unjust and should be abolished. Please expand on the rough draft provided and follow the guidelines listed below.

Final Draft Due Week 9 and worth 300 points Instructions: Your final draft should reflect the work you have done to develop your ideas, identify counter perspectives, gather credible research, and draft your essay. You will use feedback from your instructor to review, revise, and edit your draft to ensure that you submit your best work. To ensure your final draft is different from your rough draft, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Revision Using your instructor’s feedback as a guide, remove content that does not support your points, and add content where you need more support or where your rough draft was incomplete. Refine all of your content to improve clarity, idea development, flow, and the overall persuasiveness of your communication. Chapters 8 and 9 of your Webtext will provide guidance to help ensure you submit your best work. ENG215 Writing Activity 4 (rev. 2018-12) 2

Step 2 Editing After you finish your content, review your paper to make sure your sentences are clear and error free. Pay attention to grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and formatting. You do not want to distract your audience or negatively impact your credibility with small mistakes. Chapter 9 will provide you with guidance to help you avoid these mistakes.

Section 3 Feedback Reflection Remember to include your feedback reflection after the reference page. Follow the steps below: 1. List the feedback you received on writing activity three 2. Explain how you used feedback from writing activity three to write activity four 3. Discuss how the feedback on writing activity three will help you with future writing


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