please write 350 words for the question with the references

In this discussion question you have the opportunity to be creative and to relate what you have learned to your professional lives. Please explore and critically think about some of the learning objectives and concepts presented in this course. Please effectively communicate how you would lead an organization (or a group of people within the organization) by applying the knowledge you have learned ethically and responsibly. Your discussion should also include innovative thinking, and information-technology aspects (such as the Internet, social-media, computers, and so forth) that may assist you in decisionmaking. You may frame your discussion around any functional component of business, and in any context; problem-solving, management, leadership, organizational behavior, and so forth.

Concepts learned in the course

Organizational Behavior

  • Chapter 12: Leadership in Organizational Settings
  • Chapter 14: Organizational Culture
  • Chapter 15: Organizational Change
  • Chapter 10: Power and Influence in the Workplace
  • Chapter 11: Conflict and Negotiation in the Workplace
  • Chapter 8: Team Dynamics
  • Chapter 9: Communicating in Teams and Organizations
  • Chapter 7: Decision Making and Creativity
  • Chapter 5: Foundations of Employee Motivation
  • Chapter 6: Applied Performance Practices
  • Chapter 3: Perceiving Ourselves and Others in Organizations
  • Chapter 4: Workplace Emotions, Attitudes, and Stress
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Field of Organizational Behavior
  • Chapter 2: Individual Behavior, Personality, and Values


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