Political Geography course Final exam questions – custom papers

Political Geography course Final exam questions
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these questions i need to write them on the final exam which is open book home work , please its important for the teacher to provide real world examples , i really need to get good marks its final exam
each answer needs to be around 700 words
Essay Question 3:
Statecraft and Political realism are two concepts that are defined as being central to international affairs. Provide an example of statecraft using political realism and explain why your example from the news headlines corresponds to a state using statecraft under the tenets of political realism.
Essay Question 2:
Discuss in an essay what the factors are that cause the philosophy of “Liberalism” to produce the “democratic peace”, according to our in class module on Liberalism and political geography, and most importantly, why are they important for geopolitics? As a means to help you in your discussion, many geopolitical experts argue that liberalism can lead to democratization of countries which reduces the likelihood of democracies fighting each other. In your view, is this is a correct assessment? Provide an opinion and back it up with concrete examples from the real world.
Essay Question 1:
Saudi Arabia has been leading a coalition of states in fighting a war against Houthi rebels in Yemen. The argument made by Saudi Arabia and its allies is that the Houthi rebels are backed by Iran. Neighboring states from the GCC, as well as others, agree with Saudi Arabia and have joined the fight, arguing that Iran should not be able to acquire influence on the Arabian Peninsula. In this essay you will be required to write an opinion as to which political geography theory/approach best describes the collaboration between Saudi Arabia and its allies. In writing your opinion essay, you must apply the factors of your chosen theoretical to this case as a means to demonstrate that your assessment is accurate.


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