Hey… I have a presentation with my group, and my part is to talk about background, industry, and talk about these two questions:

1) What is the impact of these firms’ pension/OPEB plans on their bottom-line net earnings for fiscal 2003? What portion(s) of these effects are not likely to be sustained in the future? How much of these expenses are attributable to currently active employees and how much to former employees who are now retired?

2) What is the impact of these firms’ pension/OPEB plans on their balance sheet for 2003?

So, I want someone make 4 to 5 slides in Powerpoint and write in Word every slide what I should say. My prof doesn’t want me to say what in slides, so I should present more information than the slides.

I have attached the case, and the prof wants me present new information from another sources about the case.


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