project planning sheet

There are two parts to the assignment. First you must download a trial version of Microsoft Project, or you can use another Project Management tool. Using this tool, create a project plan with Gantt chart following the information I provided below labeled, “PART 1”. The second part of the assignment requires you to write an analysis of the article “Aligning Projects with Strategy “.

PART 1 : Using Microsoft Project trial version (or some other PM tool), you will create a simple project plan using the information provided below.

  • There are 6 tasks to be performed in the project with their durations listed below:
    • Task 1 = 2 weeks
    • Task 2 = 5 weeks
    • Task 3 = 4 weeks
    • Task 4 = 2 weeks
    • Task 5 = 8 weeks
    • Task 6 = 1 week
  • Task 1 is the first task to start.
  • Task 2 is dependent upon completion of Task 1.
  • Task 3 is also dependent on the completion of Task 1.
  • Task 4 for is dependent upon completion of Task 3, but not Task 2.
  • Task 5 can only start when Task 2 and Task 4 are complete.
  • Task 6 starts when Task 5 is complete.

PART 2 : Read the article “Aligning Projects with Strategy (Links to an external site.)” and provide an analysis of the article and the 2 key points from the article that you learned from the readings.

here is a link for a free trail of a project management tool “smartsheet”


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