– This is an APA Style ESSAY that must talk about this article following the rubric, the rubric is for the teacher for evaluation BUT MUST BE FOLLOW PRECISELY.- Make a critique of it as an essay, following the rubric of qualitative research evaluation (the rubric is attached.- MUST HAVE LESS THAN 15% OF PLAGIARISM WITH A PLAGIARISM REPORT- THERE IS A SAMPLE ESSAY ATTACHED ALONG WITH THE ARTICLE THAT YOU MUST USE AND THE RUBRIC THAT THE TEACHER WILL USE.- THE NAME OF THE ARTICLE IS “Vaping Expectancies: A Qualitative Study among Young Adult Nonusers, Smokers, Vapers, and Dual Users”- 2 pages at least DOES NOT NEED AN ABSTRACT. Will pay extra 10$ for a better work, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AND GIVE THE RIGHT INFORMATION with numbers and authors THIS WILL BE THE ONLY REFERENCE IN THE PAPER PLEASE CITE THE WORK APA STYLE.- THIS IS AN ESSAY MASTER LEVEL (NOT A QUESTION AND ANSWER PAPER)


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