quot intro paragraph only quot 300 words

I want you to focus on Brutus’ rhetorical strategy of Appealing to Style. Begin with an Intro-Paragraph that fully establishes the rhetorical situation Brutus is confronting. In other words, tell me WHAT he’s trying to get his audience to believe and WHY he needs this audience to believe it. Focus on introducing the audience to WHOM Brutus is speaking on this occasion, and explain why they might be reluctant to accept Brutus’ position on the matter of Caesar’s death. And THEN suggest that Brutus’ rhetorical strategy for convincing the people of Rome to accept his position is to make a strong appeal to style. That, basically, is the broad statement of your thesis. After that, you’ll want to wrap up your Intro-Paragraph with a thesis statement that focuses specifically on Brutus’ appeals to figures of speech (or “tropes,” as the Greeks called them). The style that Brutus will appeal to in his rhetorical project is a style that is heavily based on the persuasive power of tropes. And Brutus will appeal to 4 or 5 of them in this speech. That, is your more focused and narrowed-down thesis: Brutus appeals to the persuasive force of a few tropes in order to win his audience over.

PDF attached below has conversation with brutus and caesar.

300 words


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