Race and White Racism Sociologically

Observation report on Seventh Day Adventist Church of Fort Myers, Florida

*Write as if you were there*
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Here’s a link to the church to describe in the paragraphs


(Provide a title and subtitle)

1. In the first paragraph (only the first paragraph; approximately 150-250 words), briefly describe your experience of participant observation. How did you react to the experience, subjectively, and how might that have influenced your perceptions and analysis? Were you engaged? In wonder? Vexed? Embarrassed? Bored? Confused? Did you feel at home or out of place? Comfortable or ill at ease? Were there any difficulties? Weird situations? Use this section to make sure you pay attention to your own role in the experience. 

2. Your second paragraph (a short one; approximately 100-150) should describe in general terms the social setting that you visited.

3. In the remaining paragraphs (totaling approximately 500-600 words), drawing on the field notes attached, you should concisely analyze how you observed race, white racism, and/or racial inequality manifest itself in Southwest Florida. This may or may not require you to take an inter-sectional approach (e.g. how race interacted with class and/or gender or another social identity). You should cite at least 3 distinct readings (from different authors) in support of your analysis from the ATTACHED READINGS. PLEASE do Not cite outside sources.


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