reflection 1 2

Please read the word attachment bellow and fix the grammar, world choice, etc.

Also, you can add to it that I am not usually eating junk foods. I always try to be more healthy but I do have one day in the week that I eat whatever that is not healthy like fast food. I like sweets chocolate, cake. I like nuts and different salads.

Literature of Food

Prompt: During this week’s class you got an overview of the food literature genre. Compose an initial response to the class in which you answer the following questions: What role(s) does food currently play in your life? What is your current relationship with food? Are you a “foodie,” “a junk food junkie,” “a health nut”? Does it depend on the day? Explain. Also, tell me what your current strengths and weaknesses are as a writer and storyteller. What do you hope to work on in this class this semester? What are your initial thoughts about spending an entire semester reading and writing about food?


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