Refugee Cultural Assignment

Reflection Assignment on Refugee MovieIn this assignment, you will be looking back at the classes you have had so far and reflect on ways in which you see cultural diversity impacting nursing practice. You will also complete this assignment by watching the movie “The Good Lie”.Please complete this assignment with use of the template that was given to you.You need to include proper use of APA, correct grammar and punctuation, along with any references if you used any to complete this assignment. Some questions to consider include the following:In what ways do you expect to be impacted by cultural diversity in your future practice as a Registered Nurse? (include how this impacts you as a nurse in a specific location you expect to work)What did you learn about refugee health nursing issues that you did not know before?Name two key points you learned from the class and/or the text that helped you understand how best to work with individuals of other cultures as a nurse?See specific grading below:Grading RubricCriteriaTotal PointsPoints ObtainedQuestion content0-15 (5 points/question)Grammar0-5Assignment expectations0-5APA0-5Total Points30


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