research article discussion Nursing

1) Complete the required readings including reading the Trecartin & Carroll (2011) research article and review the Statistical Analysis Handout with presentations. After doing such, complete the following exercises. Discuss this topic.
This discussion will be an opportunity for you to complete an in-depth analysis of the statistical presentation in the Trecartin & Carroll (2011) research article.

2) After reviewing the research article, address the following questions that are based on tables in the Trecartin &Carroll (2011) research article:
Table 1 questions:
a) Descriptive statistics were used to “describe” the demographic data found in this table. Explain the age findings in the table and whether or not there is a significant difference noted.
Table 2 questions:
b) What statistical test was completed to provide thevalues in thef column
c)Why do you think this statistical test was completed?
d) Are there any results in Table 2 that are significant at the P<0.05 level? If so, explain what a significant finding means from this table.
Table 3 questions:
e) In Table 3 what statistical test completed?
f) In Table 3, are there any results in Table 3 that are not significant at the p<0.05 level? Explain.
Last set of questions:
g) What was the purpose of this study?
h) Were there any significant effects noted? Explain.


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