Research Pressure

Research Pressure Assignment Instructions



Research initiatives continue to drive the pace of academic research. With this drive there is an associated pressure to keep up i.e. high output of research. This puts new pressures on researchers to maintain their employment, but also advance in their career. However, pressure from other sources in someoneslife can also impact and increase the pressure to produce research. These sources of pressure may be from academic committee work to an individuals family and faith. It is under stressful conditions that an individuals ethical values in research can be challenged to be maintained. Exmining and planning for these pressures can assist in preventing ethical misconduct due to the pressure to produce research.



You will outline and expand on the sources of pressure that an academic research can experience that could place them in ethical dilemmas and how this can be combatted (5-7 pages double spaced in APA format with at least 3 biblical verses and 5 sources [peer reviewed research and textbooks]). These sources of pressure will include at least: institutional, personal [family, faith, peers], and private industry. Additional sources of pressure may be added to this list.


The following is to be utilized as a guide for writing up your paper:

• Write an introduction (provide a brief summary outline of pressures).

• The body of the paper is where you will address your own views on pressures to research and other sources of pressure that can impact your research. How will handle these pressures to ensure ethical conduct in research? How can outside pressure impact the research process? What are the sources of these outside research pressure? How can being aware of these pressures assist you in ethical conduct of research?

• You must include a concluding paragraph (or 2) that provides a brief summary of your paper as well as gives some ideas as to your future evaluation/reflection of your current pressures.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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