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The Greenhouse Effect, Chlorofluorocarbons, and Chemical Reactivity

Directions: Respond to the questions below.

  1. Discuss the pros and cons of the various methods that have been proposed to regulate or control global warming.
  2. Should developing countries be held to the same standards of greenhouse gas emissions as developed countries if doing so can be shown to slow their rate of development?
  3. Global warming is mainly associated with which of the following? 
    1. Molecules that absorb UV radiation in the stratosphere
    2. Molecules that decompose the ozone layer
    3. Molecules that readily react with ultraviolet light
    4. The type of electromagnetic radiation that is responsible for stretching and bending chemical bonds
    5. The huge concentrations of CFCs that have built up in our atmosphere
  4. What is the difference, if any, between “good ozone” and “bad ozone”?
  5. What type of radiation does ozone shield us from?  What wavelengths of this radiation are absorbed by ozone?
  6. What might be some of the effects of a significant reduction in stratospheric ozone?
  7. Balance the following chemical equations: 
    1. Al + Cl2 —> AlCl3
    2. Mg + N2 —> Mg3N2
    3. NO + O2 —> NO2
    4. SO2 + O2 —> SO3
    5. H2 + N2 —> NH3
  8. For the balanced equation 4 Fe(s) + 3 O2(g) —> 2 Fe2O3(s), 
    1. How many moles of Fe2O3 will be produced if 4 moles of Fe react?
    2. How many moles of Fe2O3 will be produced if 12.7 moles of Fe react?
    3. How many moles of Fe reacted if 4 moles of Fe2O3 were produced?
    4. How many moles of Fe reacted if 17 g of Fe2O3were produced?
    5. How many moles of O2 are required to react with 13 grams of Fe?
  9. Calculate the molar mass for each of the following: 
    1. H2O
    2. I2
    3. KOH
    4. NH3
  10. Which of the following is the largest mass? 
    1. 0.5 moles CO2
    2. 2 moles Li
    3. 12 moles H2


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