risk management in software projects

Research Paper

Objective: To use various search engines to identify relevant conference and journal papers in the literature.

Assignment: Using various search engines (e.g. IEEExplore, ACM Digital Library, Google Scholar, Science Citation Index, etc…), identify a set of 3 or more related papers that meet the following criteria:

  • At least one is from a refereed journal (if you are not sure, ask me)
  • All papers must be by different authors (it is OK if there is some overlap in the author list, but it must not be identical)
  • The papers address “a particular topic” within Software Project Management research. Please see a sample list of topics on page 2 of this document.
  • You can justify to me why the papers are related

For each paper, you are to read through the paper and extract the following information:

  • Reference information (Title, Author, Conference/Journal, Conference Location, Date, Pages, etc…)
  • The main research question investigated
  • Was this study motivated by the results of a previous study (by the authors or by other researchers)?
  • The type of study performed (You may not understand the details yet, but you should be able to find a description of the type of study). [Note: Under Module 1, a document is provided to you on Canvas that can help you understand the different types of research methods.]
  • The main findings of the study
  • Any important threats to validity discussed by the authors
  • Why you found this paper interesting


  • The complete references of all the papers you identified in the proper IEEE format.
  • The summary of each paper described above
  • A synthesis of the papers: i.e., What you can tell me about the topic now that you have read all papers that you could not tell me before or from reading only one of the papers
  • A description of the process you used to locate the papers (e.g. search engines used, keywords used, etc…)
  • An evaluation of your process and of the search engines used (e.g. was your process good? why/why not? were the search engines good? why/why not, etc…)

Remember, you need to identify at least three (3) papers.


each article, please provide the different data extraction elements as a

separate sub-headings (1. Reference information; 2. Main Research

Questions; 3. Type of Study; and so on ). Then, at the end of the data

extraction, provide summary of the paper


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