Role of the Military in Disaster Response, science homework help

Role of the Military in Disaster Response

There are two substantial roles of the military in disaster response one is the restoration of order and the other facilitates effective communications. According to Sylves (2015), ‘militarization is the ability given to state and local law enforcement agencies to purchase or to request the transfer of military equipment’ and the ‘Patriot Act provides the legal parameters for the transfer while the funds originate from the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP)’ (p. 204).

Effective communication is one positive impact the military has on disaster response. The ‘short-term emergency responses of paramilitary participants and paramilitary occupations of emergency management teams appreciates’ the importance of working on a collaborative platform (Sylves, 2015, p. 218). Also, the military demonstrates ‘an irreplaceable role in disaster relief given their possession of enormous resources’ (Zhang, 2014, p. 71) such as food supplies.

The negative impact of militarization entails potential civil right violations. The American Civil Liberties Union ‘(ACLU) maintains that militarization is the greatest threat to our civil rights as it counters the 14th Amendment’ that could jeopardize ‘due process and equal protection’ (Zhang, 2014, p. 205) of American citizens. (191 words).

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