science of drug resistance , science homework help

Reading: NY Times Drug Resistance, Explained
Video: Mutations – selection: the bacteria resist Video Transcript

How does antimicrobial resistance happen? What is the process?
What can you personally do to slow the rate of antimicrobial resistance?

Choose a disease that shows antimicrobial resistance from this list and give a background to the resistance and discuss future concern:


Article: MRSA Spreads in Households-Scientific American
Video: Superbug, Super-fast Evolution (transcript)
More detail: UC Berkeley Superbug, Superfast Evolution

Bacterial Meningitis

Article: Antibiotic-Resistant Meningitis Reported in U.S.
Video: WHO warns antibiotic resistance poses global threat (transcript)

Influenza (the Flu)

Article: CDC Influenza Antiviral Drug Resistance
Video: JAMA-Influenza has become Resistant (transcript)

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