Sigmund Freud


Please answer the following questions: in a paragraph or more


1. What is the conventional view of the sexual impulse, how is it said to manifest itself and when? Why does Freud reject the so-called normal view? Hint: He thinks that the human sexual drive is not fixed by biology. We are not born with a drive that is already attached to an object. Explain.

2. What is inversion? What is the difference between absolute inversion and contingent inversion? Is inversion innate (determined by one’s genes or other biological make up) or acquired (culturally or otherwise determined) or neither according to Freud? Why do you think Freud chooses to discuss inversion in the context of his general discussion of human sexuality?

3. What does Freud mean by an original bisexual disposition? How, according to Freud, does it provide an answer to the existence of inversion? Freud claims that we are all capable of making a homosexual object choice. What does he mean?

4. What is the object and aim of the sexual drive in a “normal” adult?

5. Does Freud believe homosexuality can or should be “cured”?


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