Sociologist Allan G. Johnson discussed another way of viewing and using the Sociological Imagination. In his book “The Forest & the Trees,” Johnson discusses the idea that we are always part of something bigger. To understand social life, we must understand that larger something. Sociology gives us the tools to do just that. Johnson says:

“We are always participating in something larger than ourselves, and if we want to understand social life and what happens to people in it, we have to understand what it is that we’re participating in and how we participate in it. In other words, the key to understanding social life is neither just the forest nor just the trees. It’s the forest and the trees and how they’re related to one another. Sociology is the study of how all this happens and the consequences that result from it.”

Give an example of a personal problem and then give the societal issue. Why is this problem important? Why are individualistic models ineffective?

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