super easy discussion questions 2

Hey guys! I really need help answering these discussion post. The answers do not have to be very long just well written and thought out. Please help me!

What does professionalism mean to you? What behaviors and attitudes are common to people you believe behave professionally? What can we do to show professionalism?

What can we do in our upcoming interviews with working professionals to show our professionalism and properly represent A&M? In our upcoming interviews, what topics should we avoid asking the working professionals we are interviewing that would be considered unprofessional?

How might adopting professional behaviors and attitudes help you be a successful college student? Which professional behaviors and attitudes will you adopt this semester in this class? How will your classmates and the instructors know that you are demonstrating professional behavior?

Are you still seeking questions for your interviews that show professionalism yet remain open-ended? Here is an article that might help you think more about how to let the professionals you are interviewing share their stories! Do you have an article or website you found particularly valuable in your research on informational interviews and professionalism? Feel free to share those URLs here on the discussion board and share why you found them to be valuable.


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