system integration completion 1

In this final week, you have one more major task. Develop a detailed project plan for all of the final implementation, acceptance confirmation, and closeout activities, and then transition it to the operations teams.

Assignment Guidelines

For this week’s assignment, you will provide detail on the final implementation and closeout plan.

New Content (Week 5)

  • System Integration Implementation Plan
    • Develop a detailed implementation plan that captures the following (address 4 of these):
    1. Testing activities
    2. Final migration activities
    3. Training activities
    4. Project closeout activities
    5. Transition to operational support team
  • Address 2 of the following:
    1. Start and completion dates
    2. Required resources to support these activities
    3. Lessons that you have learned from doing this project

*Please see attached file for Week 5 assignment sample


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