Discussion topic: Taking a Position that Work

Think about products you were enticed to purchase using social media (Social media used Pintrest)

  • Tell us your favorite product that you purchased that was influenced by something you saw on social media. Favorite product that I purchase using social media was a Puma jacket and Adidas sneakers. Jacket link to Pintrest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/565201821968957778/ and Shoe link https://www.pinterest.com/pin/467952217518250871/
  • After filling out the fill-in-the-blank positioning statement (click here- FIB.docx and make sure to submit the form in the discussion) determine what their positioning statement is.
  • Also, state your opinion on how well social media clearly portrayed the positioning statement (keep in mind this is how the company wants you to view them).
  • Make sure to view the video to help with this discussion.
  • Additional information about positioning is located in this week’s supplemental information.

I’ve attach the FIB.docx file below and the video link: https://www.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/previe…

If you have any questions ask me.


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