“teaching them the pathophysiology…”

Describe databases that are relevant to EBP around a diagnosis you
chose and could be used to help a new hire nurse better engage
in EBP.
Explain why the sources selected should provide the best evidence for the chosen diagnosis: You provided a
solid list of sources. However, you need to describe the 5 sources that were identified in this paper, and explain
why the sources you selected would provide the best evidence for the CAUTI diagnosis. This will be easier
once you identify at least 3 of your 5 sources that are specific to the CAUTI diagnosis.
Identify five sources of online information (medical journal databases, websites, hospital policy databases, et
cetera) that could be used to locate evidence for a clinical diagnosis, and ensure three out of five are specific to
the diagnosis: I appreciate your identification of 5 databases to locate evidence for the management and
prevention of CAUTIs. In the next attempt, please highlight additional resources that are specific to your
diagnoses, such as urological/renal professional journals, professional organizations, or hospital policies
specific to the management of this diagnosis.
Describe a communication strategy to encourage nurses to research a diagnosis, as well as strategies to
collaborate with the nurses to access resources: I appreciated your discussion here, but there was no
identification of communication strategies to encourage nurses to research an unfamiliar diagnosis as well as
to collaborate with the nurses to access resources. You only briefly stated, “teaching them the
The next step is to go back to the literature to find sources/authors who have written about communication
strategies pertaining to encouraging nurse(s) to research diagnosis and ways to collaborate with a nurse(s) to
obtain resources and discuss those. Visit resources listed for this assessment, and consider focusing on
communication strategies, and explore ideas such as mentoring and collaboration. What strategies would
enable you to communicate information clearly and assess understanding when speaking to novice nurses?
What benefits would these strategies provide to the novice nurse, and how would it positively impact
professional relationships?
Organize content so ideas flow logically with smooth transitions; contains few errors in grammar/punctuation,
word choice, and spelling: Your paper was well written, clear, and concise. One note to strengthen the
performance level preserve the scholarly nature of the paper, is to remove all first-person references such as I,
me, my, etc. Replace with third-person language.

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