texas governemtn

Go the Texas Republican & Democratic party platforms (the links for both are listed below) and let me know one thing you agree with and one thing you disagree with for both parties. Please use the following format.

Texas Republican Party Platform agree:

Texas Republican Party Platform disagree:

Texas Democratic Party Platform agree:

Texas Democratic Party Platform disagree:

(Links to an external site.)

https://www.txdemocrats.org/our-party/texas-democratic-party-platform/ (Links to an external site.)

Due to the polarization within the electorate, Republicans and Democrats, you have been selected by a large movement in Texas to create a new political party. For your initial post you must include the following about the new party using the following format:

Create a name
Provide a one sentence motto (What does your party stand for?)
Determine the partys positions on these major issues facing Texans:
        a. Immigration reform

        b. Improving education

        c. The tax system

        d. Improving healthcare

In order to get full credit for the discussion students must answer the questions and provide a 300-word response.


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