Assignment: Leveraged Buyouts- the Case of RJR Nabisco

Use the following resources for this assignment:

(1) Watch the documentary: “Henry Kravis: How Corporate Titan Rocked Wall Street”

(2) Background information about the buyout: “Barbarians’ Revisited (Bloomberg, April 1995) 02/barbarians-revisited

(3) Analysis of the case: “RJR Nabisco: A Case Study of a Complex Leveraged Buyout” (Financial

Analyst Journal, 1991)…

Then cover the following topics carefully in your case report:

(1) A brief summary of the case.

(2) Discuss why the company is a good LBO candidate. What were the valuations? How did they

come up with the valuations?

(3) Discuss the risks associated with LBOs, and how the buyout turned out for KKR’s investors and

other stakeholders.

Please submit a full 3-page (not longer than 4 pages, with about equal coverage on the topics

above; not including references or tables if there is any, which should be in appendix) report

about this case study. Use the formatting as of this document (1” margin, Times New Roman

font size 12, and double space).


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