Two cities and Homelessness

    • Chicago Resources: Review the all Chicago website, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless website, and the newspaper articles from Hirst (2013) and Steinberg (2012)about homelessness in Chicago.  


  • New York Resources: Review the Covenant House website, the Safe Horizon (2014) homeless youth facts page, and the Saulny (2012) newspaper article about homeless youth in New York. 

Initial Post: Review the resources provided above. Create an initial post that includes the two parts described below.
Visual: Use a visual graphic of your choice such as a Venn diagram or chart using PowerPoint, SmartArt features in Microsoft Word, or Thinking maps® to compare and contrast the following five factors pertaining to homelessness:

    1. Statistical data about the prevalence of youth homelessness in New York and Chicago. 


    1. Statistical data regarding populations of homeless, including youth.


    1. Types/levels of supports available including, but not limited to, shelters, community and school-based supports, etc.


    1. The policies supporting homelessness in each state.


  1. At least one other interesting statistic or learned information of your choice about homelessness.

Description: Along with the attachment of your graphic, describe in one to two paragraphs the information about homelessness in New York and Chicago that interested or surprised you. Discuss how the information enhanced what you already knew about homelessness. Additionally, describe your viewpoint about the programs, policies, supports, or resources explored in terms of their overall effectiveness or potential for effectiveness. Finally, either suggest one recommendation for the cities of New York and Chicago about how they can serve groups and individuals, including homeless youth, or discuss how one policy or resource you discovered could potentially benefit another city such as one you reside in or that is familiar to you.


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