two pages ( max 500 words ) please read the instructions carefully and see the attachment

Network Neutrality (

) is an issue that was largely de

cided by the FCC. However, the debate on this issue continues, with individual states passing

their own legislation. It is an issue that is pitting some of the big name companies in telecom

munications and internet services against each other and has the potential to impact startup

companies using the Internet. We will see this issue again in the November 2018, and 2020


Read the wikipedia entry on Network Neutrality (posted in blackboard as well) and watch the

videos on blackboard regarding arguments for Network Neutrality, and arguments against

Network Neutrality. You should do some additional research on this topic as well. Once you

have done your research and reached a conclusion about your opinion on this topic, write a

two-page (


words MAX) essay explaining your opinion and reasons why others should

reach the same conclusion. Write the text as if you were writing a letter to an editor or a public

opinion article. Put your best argument forward!

You don’t need to provide a list of references, although you should make references to the

original source in the text. For example:

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 deregulated the telecommunications industry –

providing billions in benefits – to bring broadband access to every corner of America. It

was supposed to have a ripple effect on small business growth, education and commu

nity development….

You can also use direct quotes from authoritative

sources that you find:


“The money that’s made from manufacturing stuff is a pittance in comparison to the

amount of money made from shuffling money around,” said Raymond Dalio of Bridge

water Associates in 2004. “Forty-four percent of all corporate profits in the U.S. come

from the financial sector, compared with only 10 percent from the manufacturing sector.”

You may include a call to action for your readers at the end, but it is not required.

Submit your essay on Canvas by 5pm. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE LETTER OR

ESSAY (So we can blindly grade) . See the reverse side for grading rubric.

Assignment 1: Letter to the Editor, Network Neutrality

Course: 3300

Points: 50

An authoritative source is someone who has work experience or other knowledge in the particular area you are


discussing. For example, I would not quote my nephew on telecommunications law, but as an active gamer and

budding software developer, I might quote him about the need for high-speed connections for gaming.

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