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The social-ecological model (SEM) focuses on multiple levels of influences from various factors that aides in behavior health intervention (Glanz et al., 2015). This model is very effective against conditions such as obesity. Obesity is a medical condition where an individual carries an excessive amount of weight that might affect their health such as comorbidities. Obesity is measured or determined by a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and above. Therefore, the SEM can tackle obesity at different levels with different intervention methods, such as at the individual level which is genetics and improving attitude towards dieting and exercising. Possible SEM intervention at this level includes improving attitudes toward exercising and behavior by rewarding individuals with incentives for making healthy food choices and partaking in physical activity. The SEM at the interpersonal level includes food choices such as increased consumption of fast food and culture. Culture is a contributing factor to obesity because of the social norms surrounding the food they eat may be unhealthy if consumed too often. Possible SEM intervention at this level includes educating the family about nutritional values of food and encourage parents to act as role models and eat healthily and exercise so their kids can observe and follow their actions (Staniford et al., 2012).

The SEM at the institutional/organizational level includes food choices at school and an opportunity for exercise because more children are preoccupied with technology and not going outside to play. Possible SEM intervention at this level includes providing a nutrition course or class in school or promoting health lunch options at school and promoting physical activities at school through clubs and events. The SEM at the community levels includes access to affordable food and providing parks for the community. Possible SEM intervention at this level includes providing the parks so people are encouraged to walk or play outdoors and having local farmers markets with fresh food. The SEM at the policy levels includes regulation of processed food and putting taxes on products. Possible SEM intervention at this level includes taxing food with high sugar content such as sodas and regulating the amount of sugar content, fat, and salt goes into process food (Staniford et al., 2012).

I think the interpersonal level is the most challenging because it is culturally based and people are raised within these social norms which are governed by thoughts, beliefs, and behavior, therefore, it is hard to break a certain traditional habit. Additionally, cultural views on nutrition, physical activity, dieting, body weight and types of food are deeply rooted within a person’s life. For example, it is like trying to tell families in America to stop eating turkey and ham during thanksgiving and Christmas day because its unhealthy. The cultural habit is very deep-rooted, and recipes and traditions have been passed on from generations, it would be hard for families to stop this act (Caprio et al., 2008).


Caprio, S., Daniels, R. S., Kaufman, R. F., Palinkas, A. L., Rosenbloom, L. A., & Schwimmer, B. J. (2008). Influence of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture on Childhood Obesity: Implications for Prevention and Treatment. American Diabetes Association, 31(11), 2211-2221. Doi: 10.2337/dc08-9024

Glanz, K., Rimer, B. K., & Viswanath, K. (2015). Health behavior: Theory, research, and practice (5th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Staniford, J. L., Breckon, J. D., Copeland, J. R. (2012). Treatment of Childhood Obesity: A Systematic Review. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 21(4), 545-564. Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10826-011-9507-7

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least two references and a minimum of 200 words….. .(The List of References should not be older than 2016 and should not be included in the word count.)

  • Ask a probing question.
  • Share an insight from having read your colleague’s posting.
  • Offer and support an opinion.

  • Validate an idea with your own experience.
  • Make a suggestion.
  • Expand on your colleague’s posting.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

It is important that you cover all the topics identified in the assignment. Covering the topic does not mean mentioning the topic BUT presenting an explanation from the context of ethics and the readings for this class

To get maximum points you need to follow the requirements listed for this assignments 1) look at the word/page limits 2) review and follow APA rules 3) create subheadings to identify the key sections you are presenting and 4) Free from typographical and sentence construction errors.



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