Your Cultural History (Mexican American) Origins, Cultural Identity, History, and Current State

Identify and describe your cultural identity.  You will explore one culture that you identify with in this assignment, examining the origin, identity, history, and current state of the culture.  Your description should include:

Your culture may come from a region of the world (spatial), a place in time (temporal), a spiritual or belief orientation, or a profession.  As you can see by the definitions at the top of the assignment sheet, culture is defined in many ways.  Part of understanding the culture is knowing where and/or when it comes from.
Cultural Identity. Describe your culture, including nativity, race/ethnicity, language(s), gender and generational status, spirituality, social systems, occupations, and other elements that are key to understanding your cultural identity.
Identify and describe key historical and current moments and movements for your culture, focusing on those associated with social justice and human rights. This should include experience with other cultural groups and places, and the outcome of those experiences on your culture and its members.
Your culture today. In this final section you should describe your cultures successes or challenges today relating to social justice, equity, and/or health  In other words, whats going on now that affects your culture, positively or negatively?


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